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Vaping is a relatively new trend with surprisingly old roots. The vape is an electronic device developed in the early 2000s, but its fundamentals can date back to as early as 1920s. Electronic cigarettes have been developed to promote a safer alternative to actual cigarettes and tobacco while offering additional features and functionalities, such as personalization and self-expression.

Let’s dive in to how vaping took the world by storm as a better option as compared to conventional smoking, as well as how this can help you begin your vaping story whether as a first-time vaper or as a smoker seeking better alternatives.

Vaping With a Purpose

The development of electronic cigarettes is a step ahead when it comes to smoking cessation. It has been proven that vaping has considerably low risk when compared to smoking cigarettes and tobacco, and it also has a significant role in the public health strategy aiming to achieve tobacco harm reduction.

Iphone mobile casino gamblers also find themselves inclined to transition from conventional smoking to the use of electronic cigarettes, recognizing the potential benefits for their overall well-being.

Benefits of Vaping

Many people who are a bit skeptical when comparing smoking and vaping should know that vaping has several advantages over conventional smoking, and most of them are extremely strong points in its favor.

For one, if you are a smoker, switching to vaping provides a direct risk reduction in terms of lung and heart disease. In fact, the majority of consumers switching from smoking to vaping noticed a great deal of overall health improvement on their journey to reducing or completely freeing themselves from nicotine dependence. When vaping, you are in full control of how much nicotine you are ingesting.

Adding up to the health benefits of vaping are improved oral hygiene and skin health. Cigarette smoking significantly produces residue that accumulates in the oral cavity and skin, thus leading to physical and well-being concerns. In contrast, vaping emits extremely low residue, even with extended use.

Bad breath, which is commonly associated with prolonged smoking, is rarely an issue with vaping because the vapor produced by the atomizer does not contain residue that encourages tooth decay. Staining of the teeth is also a very rare issue with vaping because, unlike smoking, the vapors that circulate throughout the oral cavity are less dense and have a lower chance of sticking into the tooth enamel. Vaping also prevents the accelerated aging process of the skin, unlike traditional smoking, in which constant exposure to smoke containing harmful chemicals irritate or dehydrate the outer layer of the skin.

Vaping, in general, also has minimal odor, and when you use vape juice with stronger flavors, the smell is much more pleasant than cigarette smoke. This is also one of the reasons why vaping is more accepted than smoking, especially in public spaces.

Vaping and Self-Expression

For potential consumers who are torn between smoking and vaping, this aspect can seal the deal for you. For cigarettes, yes, we can have what we call “brand love” and choose the brand we like. However, all of them share the same effect and emit similar smells, not to mention that cigarettes look identical. The bonus of being able to express yourself through your personal atomizer, bundled with your favorite vape juice, is among the most favored benefits of vaping. It makes the overall experience and ownership personal.

Save the World with Vaping

Believe it or not, the most abundant source of pollution in the world is cigarette butts. They are small, but imagine the billions of cigarettes consumed each year. In Canada alone, more than 1.8 billion cigarettes were sold in August 2020. When you vape responsibly, you help reduce the biggest culprit in pollution, one cigarette at a time.

Aside from the cigarette butt issue, you are also reducing the production of smoke from cigarettes because vaping is primarily made of vapor, which is far more environment-friendly than typical cigarette smoke.

Vaping Community

One of the major things that sets vaping apart from conventional smoking is the availability not only of high-quality shops with great customer service like Vape Street but also groups who share the common interest of vaping. From casual discussions about atomizers to vape juice and e-juice recommendations, there is something so distinct about the vaping community that you will not find in other consumer-facing merchandise groups. This is essential for product and equipment understanding, as well as community support that ensures proper and safe usage and consumption.

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