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Hello, and thanks for stopping by Vape Street in Vancouver/Burrard area. Our Burrard vape store is just outside the Vancouver core and very accessible due to the ample parking we can provide. You can find us located at 1807 Burrard Street, just around W 2nd Ave and Burrard Street. Other points of reference around us would be the Audi Downtown Vancouver dealership directly across from the Subway next to us and us.

Vape Street was founded in 2015 with a single location located in Port Coquitlam. At the time of writing this in 2021, we now have 26 locations all around British Columbia. Most of our sites are in Vancouver and the lower mainland, with a few other stores located in Victoria and Kelowna. We pride ourselves as one of the top vape stores in Vancouver, and our mission to our customers has always been about the quality of our product and the number of choices that we can offer you.

We have had the same suppliers and distributors over the last six years, which gives us a significant advantage in pricing and the type of products.
In years past, mods, tanks, coil building, RDA, and RTA’s have been popular. TThe focus has now shifted to pod mod devices, closed pod systems and disposables like Allo, Elf Bar, Fog Formula, Vice mini, Vapirit, Gcore, Vuse, Flavour beast and more. We offer a comprehensive collection of sought-after brands, including e-juices from Berry Drop, Flavour Beast, Lemon Drop, Naked 100, Crave, Fruitbae, Allo, Twelve monkeys, Koil Killaz, Gcore and our house brand, Lickwid.

All of the information might seem overwhelming to someone brand new to vaping, but rest assured how every day we are fortunate enough that someone new to vaping quits tobacco cigarettes and finds this tobacco harm reduction tool.

At our vape shop in Vancouver Burrard BC, we very much enjoy guiding anyone looking to quit cigarettes and try a nicotine replacement product such as vaping. We will take the time to ensure that all the right questions are asked with the result that you leave our store with all the information you need and the correct setup for your ultimate end goal. We are experts in our field, and we would love the opportunity to show that to you.

While our ultimate focus has been on vaping over the years, we have slowly been expanding to offer more cannabis product options such as bongs, pipes, dry herb vaporizers, glass jars, concentrate devices, dab rigs, and so on. At our vape store in Vancouver Burrard BC, we realized that our very loyal customers already were interested in purchasing these types of products and it seemed fitting to be able to offer our customers these types of products as they are somewhat related.

Whatever the reason you may be looking for a vape shop in Vancouver, we would welcome and love the opportunity to show you what we are about and serve you. Vape Street Vancouver/Burrard

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