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Welcome to Vape Street Vancouver Marpole. This location specifically services our customers in South Vancouver, Marpole, Richmond, Bridgeport and the YVR airport region. With its proximity to the YVR Vancouver International Airport it serves many customers that are coming through the area. Vape Street Canada was established in 2015 and over the years we have grown into a group of 26 vape stores located throughout British Columbia spanning from Victoria which is on Vancouver Island to a few locations in Kelowna.

Vape Street is widely considered a destination location due to our large selection of not only e-juice and e-liquids but also our selection of hardware, disposables, and vape accessories. With consumer demand starting to switch in 2020 to disposables and closed pod systems we tailored our selection more and more to what the consumer is looking for while still offering the same great availability of hardware and e-juice to customers still using existing mod and tanks, pod mods, and users building coils. We are setup as a full service vape store in Vancouver BC so that means we can help you out with whatever you need.

At our vape shop in Vancouver Marpole BC, our staff is extremely knowledgeable, and we always look forward to new customers walking into our doors wanting to quit smoking. We understand that some customers might feel intimidated walking into a vape store for the first time but please rest assured we help customers quit smoking daily.

We carry all the most popular brands you would want to see in a vape store in Vancouver. Our longevity in the industry has given us great opportunities to create very close relationships with our suppliers and distributors. This helps us stay current in the market and ensure our store always has what you need and what you’re looking for.  We carry all the popular brands of disposables such as Allo, Allo Sync, Stlth, Dinner Lady, Nasty Ejuice, Moti, and more. We carry a big selection of hardware from all major manufactures such as Smok, Geekvape, Aspire, Vaporesso, Uwell and more. We also have a selection of over 700 flavours from ejuice makers such as 12monkeys, illusions, Nasty, Berry Drop, Lemon Drop, and our very popular housebrand Lickwid.

In 2021 most of our stores started bringing in products targeted towards the cannabis customers. We realized that a certain percentage of our customers found it convenient for us to carry items such as rolling papers, bongs, dab rigs, dry herb vaporizers, glass jars, tools and so on. We continue to expand on our product offerings at our vape shop in Vancouver BC and all the rest of our stores.

We thank all our existing customers over and years and we welcome all the new customers that are just finding us now. We know you will be extremely happy with the products and the service you receive at Vape Street Marpole. We believe that customer service should be given above and beyond, and we know without our customers over the years we were not be here.

Our Vape Store Updates and Deals:

See in store for details.
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Our Vape Store Vancouver Marpole ADDRESS

8640 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P 5A1


(604) 267-6340


Everyday: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Vape Street Canada | Marpole
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Chelsea Anolik
Chelsea Anolik
17:08 18 May 22
I drove to this location specifically because they were open before my regular store and I waited 15 minutes past the supposed opening time and they still hadn’t opened. I called and waited longer and no answer. Pretty bad business practices 🥴 and super annoyingread more
Julian Brown
Julian Brown
00:04 07 Mar 22
I’m so happy to finally have a vape shop in the area that always has product in stock! The staff are awesome and they offer a great loyalty program 🙂read more
Rosanna Marie Juvia
Rosanna Marie Juvia
03:32 05 Mar 22
This place used to be great, but unfortunately ever since new ownership took over, this place has gone downhill. The woman that works there isn’t knowledgable about any of the products, and she seems pretty rude and impatient every time we come in. We started going to a different vape shop because every time seems to be an unpleasant more
Ritsa Vlahos
Ritsa Vlahos
06:03 01 Feb 22
The lady’s are lovely like the selection of vapes and flavors!!!
Saadiq Daya
Saadiq Daya
15:39 25 May 21
Always a good spot to stop for all your vaping needs, good selection and service
Michael Beach
Michael Beach
02:33 18 Apr 21
These two brothers are super friendly, very informative and enjoy spending time explaining the different vape systems and how they work. I’ve never felt rushed or pressured to buy anything. One of the brothers suggested I try a new flavor profile. The next day I came back in and told him I truly couldn’t handle the taste and he gave me a new one. Amazing service and more
Kyle Pitts
Kyle Pitts
23:07 02 Feb 21
Great prices and very nice people! Very informative experience and the rub and tug behind the back of the store was a great ending to the more
Malcolm Eden
Malcolm Eden
22:02 08 Oct 20
Super awesome shop keep! Always helps me out if I got questions! Great selection and atmosphere. Would recommend!
20:59 09 Aug 20
The owner is beyond exceptional, I received the best service I’ve ever had. I’m so happy to find a vape store that is so knowledgeable and kind. I brought my friend who is a first time vape user and they were so helpful and made her feel so welcome! Make this your vape store!read more
Ray Ng
Ray Ng
19:34 20 May 20
If you live further away like myself. Definitely worth your trip. Will return again when I am in the area. I found lots of stuff I loved. Guy was a big help in finding items, that’s best for my needs. Guy is knowledgeable, experience, has excellent customer service skills. Recommended to all!!!read more
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