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Welcome to Vape Street, your local vape shop servicing the residents of Newton/Surrey. Vape Street is a group of 26 stores in British Columbia spanning from as far West as Victoria to as far east as Kelowna. Our Surrey/Newton vape store is located at 13631 72 Ave and is approximately 7km South of our other Surrey location on King George Blvd. There are ample parking stalls at these locations, making it incredibly easy to get in and get out quickly. A perfect drop-in destination before or after works.

We have an additional 22 stores in between those two farthest points and every year we keep expanding. Our goal and mission at Vape Street are that you get the best service, best price, best quality, and most importantly, the widest variety of e-juice options available to you. You won’t be disappointed by the array of options we have at our locations. Our focus has always been about not only quality but quantity. Walking into our Vape Store in Surrey Newton BC will give you a selection of 700+ flavour options of e-juice.

Vaping has vastly changed in the last 12 months, and so have the purchasing habits of our customers. Disposable vape devices offer a big convenience for consumers, and we have a large selection of disposable vape devices. You will find all the major manufactures and most popular machines at our Newton/Surrey location, such as Allo, Allo Sync, Stlth, Dinner Lady, Moti, Ghost, Nasty, and more.

If disposables are not what you are into, then rest assured, we cater to all vape audiences. We have a selection of tanks, mods, pod mods, salt nicotine e-juice products, freebase nicotine e-juice products, coils, batteries, battery chargers, and more. Being a full-service vape shop means we can meet all your needs regardless of your level of consumer.

At our vape shop in Surrey BC, we help customers that are brand new to vaping every single day. It’s a pleasure to see a customer walk in for the first time who wishes to transition from smoking cigarettes to a tobacco harm reduction tool such as vaping. We get customers who have done their research and know precisely what they want, and others are there to ask questions and get more information about vaping. Whatever your reason for visiting us, we welcome you into our store, and we will assure you that you will get the information you’re looking for regardless of if you have been vaping for 5+ years or walking into our store for the very first time.

Our Surrey Newton vape store hours are convenient, and we are open seven days a week. We look forward to seeing you and hopefully serving you. Thanks from the Vape Street team at Newton!

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Exciting times are here! Vape Street Canada is thrilled to announce its presence in Victoria, BC, with a new Vape Shop franchise located in the charming James Bay area.

Vape Street Canada – James Bay embodies our dedication to providing a diverse range of quality products and excellent customer service. From cutting-edge vape hardware and a vast selection of e-juices to unique snacks, beverages, and a comprehensive range of cannabis paraphernalia, we cater to an array of preferences and needs.

Our James Bay Vape Shop isn’t just another store. We’ve cultivated a welcoming environment where every customer is valued. This location continues our tradition of fostering a friendly and inviting atmosphere for everyone’s enjoyment.

Vape Street Canada – James Bay is distinguished by its commitment to offering a unique and enjoyable shopping experience. Our vape shop in Victoria, BC, offers a wide range of products to fulfill various customer needs, ensuring everyone finds what they’re looking for. In our store, you’ll find all the popular disposable and closed pod systems, including favourites like Allo, Stlth, Flavour Beast, Elf Bar, Fog Formula, Vice Mini, Gcore, Vapirit, Vuse and many more. Alongside these, discover the most sought-after E-juice brands such as Allo, Gcore, Fruitbae, Flavour Beast, Twelve Monkeys, Koil Killaz, Crave, Naked 100, and more.

Our endeavour in James Bay is fueled by a straightforward ambition: to go the extra mile in serving our customers, delivering not only superior products but also a memorable shopping experience, leaving you satisfied and eager to return.

As we continue our presence in James Bay, we welcome your thoughts, ideas, and expectations. Whether there’s a particular product you’d love to see in our store, a service you think we should offer, or a suggestion to enhance the shopping experience, we value your input.

Vape Street Canada – James Bay is more than just a franchise. We’re a significant addition to the community, contributing positively to the local economy and serving the wonderful residents of Victoria.

We appreciate your ongoing support at Vape Street Canada – James Bay and look forward to continuing this exciting journey together.

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