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Hello and welcome to Vape Street Vancouver on Commercial Drive. We are just outside of the downtown Vancouver core and situated in the East Vancouver district. We serve many communities around us, such as Renfrew Collingwood, Mt Pleasant, and Renfrew Heights. You will find us located near the major intersection of N Grandview Hwy and Commercial Drive at 2235 Commercial Dr. We have on-street parking and conveniently located near TransLink Commercial Dr @ E 6th Ave for anyone using transit.

Vape Street was formed and founded in early 2015. From that point has expanded to 26 stores in total as of 2021. Our passion for the vape industry, mixed with our love of British Columbia, allowed us to grow to that many stores in 6 years, at which point we became the largest vape store chain in Western Canada.

Walking into our vape store in Vancouver Commercial BC for the first time should never be an intimidating experience. Our staff is there to support you wherever you are in your vaping journey. If you have been a vaper for 5+ years of experience, rest assured that we will help you get the products you are looking for. We started in the industry when more significant mods were popular when coil building was the norm to buy replacement batteries. Things have changed a bit, and the typical normal you will find in our vape store is many customers buying pod mods, disposables and closed pod systems. Over the years, we’ve consistently tracked trends and maintained extensive stock to cater to your needs. You’ll discover all of the top brands and in-demand flavours, including e-juices from Berry Drop, Flavour Beast, Lemon Drop, Naked 100, Crave, Fruitbae, Allo, Twelve monkeys, Koil Killaz, Gcore and our house brand, Lickwid.

At our vape shop in Vancouver Commercial BC, we work with the biggest suppliers and distributors in Canada for not only vape hardware but vape e-juice as well. Meaning that you will always have access as a customer to the newest products coming out. We are constantly bringing in the trending products and most requested flavour options. Disposables and closed pod systems have accelerated in popularity in 2021, and for that reason, we have expanded this selection out drastically over the last year. You will always find the most popular products at our store, such as Allo, Stlth, Flavour Beast, Elf Bar, Fog Formula, Vice Mini, Gcore, Vapirit, Vuse, and many more.

If you are walking into our Vancouver vape store for the first time, please allow me to thank you and congratulate you at the same time. Choosing to quit smoking is not an easy decision. Vaping is one of the best tobacco harm reduction tools available to help you kick the habit, so your chances of finally being tobacco-free are so close.

Our experienced staff will help educate you and guide you into the best device or products to help you beat tobacco once and for all.
If you are walking into our store for the 100th time, we will welcome you back and say thank you! Thank you for supporting our local Vancouver vape shop.

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