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Vaping Etiquette 101 Crash Course

Vaping is one of today’s biggest trends, and it is also the best alternative to smoking as its advantages significantly outweigh any potential disadvantage. However, just like any personal possession and preference, a vape owner should completely understand the responsibilities that come the moment one decides to switch to vaping.

Vaping etiquette is extremely important, especially for those new to vaping or those who would like to be a better and more responsible vape user.

There are hundreds of tips you can find online about the rules and etiquette for vaping. However, we will give you the four most important points that we believe will bring out the best experience while vaping responsibly.

Bigger is not Better in the Vaping World

Of course, one of the first purchases you will make when you start on your vaping lifestyle is buying a vaporizer. This is one of the highlights of vaping, as it is key to having a personalized experience because of the variety of vaporizer options available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. This alone sets the tone for how much personalization you’ll can go for, but hey, this is your own vape experience, and everything that will follow completely depends on you.

Contrary to popular belief, having a bigger vaporizer does not mean it is a better way to go. Vaporizers share a singular primary purpose, and prices only increase when going for additional features or more complicated aesthetics.

Vaporizer size is a subjective preference, but most experienced vape users would recommend the average-sized vaporizer because of its portability and simplicity. Supplemental features are great, but they can take away from your overall experience, especially when not used correctly or with the right intentions.

Simplify Your Flavor

We can go on for hours talking about the endless vape juice (or E-juice) options, and they range from the classic variants to slightly over-the-top ones. If you are in the market for your next favorite go-to flavor, there’s nothing wrong with exploring and trying new flavors, but once you’re about to settle, do so with a strong set of flavors without setting up what looks like a stash full of crazy concoctions.

Simplifying your lineup is one of the most recommended actions not only for your personal experience, but also for those who will be around you should you vape outside or around other people.

In every Vape Street location, we have endless vape juice options, and you can try them based on your liking. We only source premium-grade brands to ensure that your vaping experience is always on point.

Space is Important

This consideration is easier when you are outdoors, but it does not give you the license to just go berserk on vaping. Indoor vaping comes with more factors to consider in relation to the respect for personal space, as well as preference. While vaping discreetly may seem more polite, it only makes a little difference as the invisible vapors carry the same level of fumes.

As some expert vapers say, if you vape, you might as well vape proudly. As a vape user, you must be able to maintain and establish good cloud control to avoid unnecessary friction with peers or strangers whenever you vape.

There should be a conscious effort to respect others and their space, and this should be a mutual effort between vape users and non-users. Vaping is significantly more pleasant than smoking, but you should still bear in mind that vapors are not universally acceptable but rather just more acceptable than usual tobacco smoke. Mutual respect will always be the key.

Always Ask

This is the broadest in all etiquette pointers we will mention in this article. Whether you are new to vaping or are a more experienced vape user, it is very important to always ask.

The good thing about vaping is that there are so many communities you can exchange ideas and insights with. This can help further elevate your vaping experience, while you obtain updates and have a healthy conversation with other individuals who share the same interest.

  • Ask for Permission. This is highly valuable when you are in a public space with people around you. Vaping is the more acceptable alternative to smoking, but as a sign of respect, always ask permission from people who are too close to your vapor range.
  • Ask for Clarification. There are a lot of social networking sites (such as Facebook) where dedicated vaping groups are active in answering questions. If you want to have some clarifications, social media is your second go-to destination to address your concerns. Of course the first one would be us – your favorite vape store.
  • Ask for Connection. Catching up with peers who share the same interest is a means where for you to connect with people and communicate about something you use on a regular basis. Connecting with others can help you elevate your overall vaping experience while also helping address any possible usage issues or challenges.
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