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Welcome to Vape Street Burnaby in Metrotown. This location is a few minutes walk away from Metrotown mall and central park. Near the major intersection of Willingdon Ave and Kingsway, you can find us located in the Old Order Shopping Centre. In our shopping centre complex, you will find Save on foods and shoppers drug mart, and we are located right beside the BC Liquor Store.
This specific location has been here for over 3 years and has served many customers in the Burnaby Metrotown area and surrounding areas. With over 26 locations to help, you always know there is a Vape Street location nearby. The closest places to our Vape Store in Metrotown would be Vape Street New Westminster, Vape Street located in Canada Way, and Vape Street on Commercial Dr.

Due to our super convenient access right off Boundary Road and only a minute away from the Grandview exit for the Trans Canada Hwy, this is the perfect location to pick up your vape hardware or e-juice and get back on the road. At our vape shop in Burnaby Metrotown BC, we have convenient and quick parking in the front of the building. Hop out and get your product and hop back in and hit the road.

This is a full-service vape shop that will meet all of your needs regardless of whether you are a total beginner looking to buy a vape setup for the first time or someone who has been vaping for 7+ years. Our staff are educated and able to help regardless of your experience. We always look forward to meeting brand new customers and showing them exactly what we are about. We know it’s somewhat intimidating going into a vape store for the first time, but rest assured, it’s very common to us daily. We will ask you the right questions, figure out your goals, and get you set up with precisely what you need to quit tobacco products.

Since our vape store in Burnaby Metrotown, BC is a full-service vape shop, we have a very large selection of hardware from popular vape manufactures such as Vaporesso, Aspire, Geekvape, Smok and more. Vape Street has always been known for having the largest selection of e-juice anywhere in British Columbia. Meanings that we have all the most popular flavour and brand options available such as Koil Killaz, Allo, Ghost, Stlth, Vuse, Chill, 12monkeys, Illusions and of course, our house brand, Licked.

If you are looking for a great deal, then rest assured you will find it at this location. Weekly, we have many e-juice and hardware promotions, and our house brand of e-juice is always on sale when buying in quantity. Additionally, we have a great Vape Street customer loyalty plan which will offer you back 5% of your purchases for in-store credit, which you can use toward more e-juice or hardware.
2021 changed the way consumers vaped, and the demand started picking up for closed pod devices and disposables. At our vape store in Burnaby Metrotown, BC we have all the popular disposable vapes available, including Ghost, Stlth, Allo Sync, Envi, Allo, Dinner Lady, Nasty and more.

We look forward to seeing you!

Our Vape Store Updates and Deals:

See in store for details.
Contact Us

Our Vape Store Burnaby Metrotown ADDRESS

4429 Kingsway #15, Burnaby, BC V5H 2A1


(604) 430-8273


Weekdays: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Vape Street - Burnaby Metrotown
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20:15 14 Aug 22
Max was really knowledgeable with all the devices and helped me pick what suited me. I suggest this shop for anyone that is into more
Lex Schmidt
Lex Schmidt
01:54 29 Nov 21
This is definately my favorite vape shop..the owner is great and always nice to chat with along with the other workers..being a loyal customer here has payed off in ways and I really appreciate being valued as a regular customer..make this location your go too for all your vape needs they have the best selection of all the premium juices and all the new devices etcread more
Bernie Yee
Bernie Yee
06:32 26 Nov 21
Came in close to closing time and the male staff was nice and friendly. Answered all my questions (it has been several years since I’ve owned a vape) and he was very knowledgeable about the product. Walked out with a Voopoo Drag X and very happy with my purchase!read more
kasra zarifi
kasra zarifi
09:13 17 Oct 21
They have amazing deals on juice and vapesTry their in house juice it’s reasonable and affordable.
Cindy D
Cindy D
19:41 07 Jun 21
I was here a few days ago and it was my first time visiting the store. I’ve had an abhorrent experience with the worker named Saul, the first thing I noticed was that he refused to wear a mask when approaching me. As I was inquiring about products, he seemed very disinterested and continued to browse on the computer while talking to me. While deciding on a flavour, he had absolutely no patience while reading out the flavors and displayed attitude throughout the entire conversation. When I finally picked one he simply thrashed it, dropped it and picked it up and acted like nothing happened and resumed to go on the computer. At that moment I wanted to return everything and drive to another Vape store. Definitely will warn my friends to avoid this more
D Mitchell
D Mitchell
06:52 12 Dec 20
I visit this vape shop multiple times within the month and once praised them for there product knowledge. Recently I have noticed a decline in there customer service and efforts in post sale support. I went to their Bing and now Google Review page to see if anyone else has experienced a sudden change lately and noticed a few posted agreeing with me. I am at a lost for words with their attitude mainly these last few weeks and would implore everyone to check out other vape stores first because if they can treat me, an avid customer like they way they have, they really could serve anyone with the same disrespect. I am sorry but I am replacing my once 4 star review with this 1 more
Aahliya Bano
Aahliya Bano
18:15 10 Dec 20
I’ve been here a handful of time and usually get the allo disposable vape but yesterday i decided to try out the ghost disposal (around 7:30, they close at 9) and it stopped working that night and could not call them because they had closed. I called them right when they opened at 10am and Saul(the manager) answered and was very rude about doing anything about it. He was very aggressive and he was swearing which was very unprofessional because he said that i was attacking him when i was just asking on what i can do with a defaulted item. He insisted that there’s nothing he can do. Then he told me the owner could possibly do something and when i proceeded to ask for his contact information he was like i can’t give you that information and he said that hes not sure when he (the owner)will be in. Like its a $10 product, how could you not replace it? Saul used an example like i took it to a party? like why would i be at a party during a pandemic. Then i was calmy telling Saul that he was dealing with this horribly and he hung up on more
Amirpasha Badiei
Amirpasha Badiei
21:14 07 Nov 20
The best place to buy Vape with the huge variety of products and the patient seller who will guide you to buy better. I would definitely recommend it more
Chris King
Chris King
04:06 07 Nov 20
Fantastic service and quality selection.Been shopping at Vape Street for over a year, the staff are always friendly and they’re super knowledgeable. Any flavour you could imagine decks out their back walls and guess what? They always bring in new stuff! Looking for something specific? Ask them and they may be able to order it in for you. No matter the issues you have or technical difficulties you face, these guys will go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. Overall this is the best Vape shop in the Metrotown area, and if you haven’t been here, well then I guess you’re missing out!read more
Behind The Wheel Driving Channel
Behind The Wheel Driving Channel
23:26 21 Oct 19
This is a great store and I would recommend it for anybody in the Metrotown area that is looking for a really great store that has a good selection of vaping juices. They also have a good selection of vapors as well. While I was in the store I was talking with the owner and he’s a very kind helpful person who is able to help me find the right juice for my Vape. If you’re looking for this store it’s located right in the plaza that’s at the corner of Kingsway and Wellington located right next to the liquor store. The plaza that has the big Grocery store in it. Near Ha Café.read more
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