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Enjoy a local vape shop at its finest! Thanks for visiting Vape Street Port Coquitlam Westwood, one of our 26 Vape Street locations you can find all over British Columbia. This is a central location in Port Coquitlam located at 2764 Lougheed Hwy in the Westwood Centre Plaza. You will find our store directly beside Great Clips and Subway, near the intersection of Lougheed Hwy and Westwood Street. The best way to get to our store is on Westwood Street, going towards Lougheed Hwy, and you turn into the plaza right before Lougheed Hwy. Most of the customers that come to visit us live in the immediate locations near this vape store from such locations as Coquitlam, River Springs, Oxford Heights, Eagle Ridge, Harbour Village, Meadowbrook, Birchland Manor and Cassin.

We are set up as a full service vape shop in Port Coquitlam BC. Meaning, regardless of your experience level with vaping or what you potentially need, we will likely help you out. Our network of Canadian suppliers and distributors keeps us fully stocked on all popular items. We continue to bring in all the newly discovered and asked for vape products. Our staff at this location are very educated regardless of if you have been vaping for many years or simply walking into our vape shop for the very first time looking to quit smoking cigarettes once and for all. We very much enjoy helping someone brand new; we will take the time and ask the questions to ensure you get into the correct option on the very first visit. We are an age-restricted business which means you must be 19 years or older to be inside our vape shop. If you happen to get asked for photo identification, please take it as a compliment as the staff have been trained to ID anyone under 30.

While we have geared specifically towards vape-specific products over the years, we have been making changes starting in 2021 to offer cannabis products and accessories to our customers. At our vape store in Port Coquitlam Westwood BC, we realized that a certain percentage of customers used cannabis products and purchased them elsewhere.

We wanted to take the opportunity to bring more value to those customers and be a one-stop-shop for a variety of needs. Therefore, when you walk into most Vape Street locations, you will find a selection of Bongs, Pipes, Dab Ribs, Rolling Papers, Grinders, Dab Tools, Dry Herb Vaporizers, Concentrated type devices, and more.

Consumers’ purchasing habits have changed in the last few years, and while mostly box mods, battery chargers, batteries, tanks, and coil building have been widespread, they have been replaced more and more by disposables and closed pod systems. You will find all the older legacy type hardware and an extensive selection of the new devices and hardware. Additionally, At our vape shop in Port Coquitlam Westwood BC, we carry all the popular disposable and closed pod systems such as Allo, Slth, Vuse, and Moti. You will find we have the most extensive selection of flavours from those manufactures.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and we look forward to seeing you at our Vape Shop located in Port Coquitlam.

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Our Vape Store Port Coquitlam Westwood ADDRESS

2764 Lougheed Hwy #402, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 6P2


(604) 464-4441


Everyday: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Vape Street
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Lucas Rabello Simões
Lucas Rabello Simões
05:30 17 Aug 21
I asked for two Naked Strawberry Menthol and I was mistakenly given the non menthol version which looks basically the same. I obviously immediately noticed after trying it and called the store. 10 minutes after the purchase I am back at the store and they refused to replace it because I had already opened. On the other hand, they sold me a product different from the one I asked for.I have had another situation with this store in which they took 2 months and over 5 attempts in person and multiple calls to replace a faulty Smok NFIX device. I know that when the store can’t replace, they should refund, and I would happily have used the cash to buy a different, even more expensive device from their store. But instead I had to wait two months and try multiple times with many denials. They stayed with the faulty device all the time, and I would have to explain the situation every time I came to the store.They have a good selection, but fail in customer more
Angel P.
Angel P.
23:22 14 Aug 21
Way helpful to us newbies. Thank you!
Linda Jones
Linda Jones
11:43 31 Jul 21
Yesterday I came here and have been here many times as well as many other locations… but YESTERDAY was the best customer experience I’ve had anywhere in an extremely long time. His name was Jamie and he went WELL BEYOND !!!! I cant thank him enough ! I have very low income (from back injury) and he saved me soooooo much by taking ALOT of time finicking with my device until he figured out the issue!!! He saved me in more ways he could ever imagine!!!!Thanks so much Jamie !!!! I’ve never had someone actually give that much effort!I appreciated it immensely and I send you amazing karma and positivity lifelong always.THANKS for hiring him Vape Street Coquitlam (lougheed/Westwood) !!! 😁👍👍👍😁read more
20:22 23 May 21
Brody is one of there better staff. They will answer all your questions, and help you find the correct product
Sue Sugars
Sue Sugars
21:14 09 May 21
Received the best service and information about vaping from Brodie at VAPE STREET Westwood today. He spent a lot of time giving me advice and information about my machine, coils and how to use it properly! I recommend this store strongly!!read more
Leland Siemens
Leland Siemens
23:53 29 Mar 21
Guy behind the counter sold me on an argus pro.. telling me the battery life is amazing, I needed one to last atleast 12+ hours.. he said the argus pro was the way to go – if I had any problems I could return it within 2 weeks as long as I kept the box and receipt. Mine gives me about 5-7 hours at 35 watts puffing casually every 15 minutes or so. Tried to take it back – they told me I’m just drawing on it too much and drawing the battery down. Won’t take the vape back.. lied to and cheated – that’s what happened more
karl lemowski
karl lemowski
05:52 17 Feb 21
Great store with great service. Brodie helped my girlfriend and I with a new device and took his time to explain everything about it, and we were both very impressed with his knowledge and helpfulness. This is the only place we buy vapes because of the amazing service. Thanks again!read more
Brandi Hagge
Brandi Hagge
01:24 15 Feb 21
Probably one of the best vape shops I’ve been to, everyone who works here knows there stuff and is always super helpful. One employee Brody is always super helpful and nice whenever I come more
Yashar Karimi
Yashar Karimi
03:57 08 Jan 21
I just stopped by now here but Will never shop at this location anymore rude employee didn’t wan answer my question technically he just didn’t wan help me at all wasn’t answering any of my Question about the juice And I think that I would’ve asked him it would say I don’t know haven’t tried it. If you outing employee to help the buyers to leave satisfy he didn’t do any of thatread more
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