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Our Burnaby vape store is located on Canada Way and only a few minutes from the Trans-Canada Highway Grandview Exit. The exact location of this store in Burnaby is in Cascade Heights area, and east of Renfrew Heights which are both residential neighborhoods. It is only 4km north of Metrotown mall, and has existed for many years with a dedicated clientele of regular customers. We offer a very high selection of vape hardware and vape liquid for experienced vapers and inexperienced vapers alike.

If you are currently a smoker and looking to quit smoking and try our vaping in Bunaby, as a tobacco harm reduction tool our staff will help you out during that journey.
Quitting smoking is not an easy choice as we all know as previous smokers. A certain amount of willpower is needed when cutting tobacco out of your life, but it does not need to be as hard as cold turkey. Vaping allows you to wean out all the tar and carcinogenic ingredients of traditional tobacco while still getting the nicotine that your body is mainly addicted to. We offer a professional environment to help guide you during your transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping.

While we love helping educate new vaping users, our primary customer base is due to our regular vaping customers over the years of being in business at this location. This location is 1 of 26 locations that we have located all over British Columbia. Vape Street was starting back in 2015, and over the past 6 years has exploded in growth simply due to demand. You can find Vape Street stores from Vancouver Island in Victoria and spreading to Kelowna which is in the heart of the Okanagan. Our vape stores’ area mixture of franchisee-owned and corporate-owned locations. The choices in our store may vary depending on the area. The store is located and depending on its corporate ownership or franchisee ownership. We have always been a destination store for our customers because of our large inventory choices of hardware and our vast selection of juice offerings which are separated by brand the flavor profile.

The e-juice that we sell are made by manufactures located all over Canada from various distribution points. Due to the large volume of e-juice that we purchase we offer some of the best prices on e-juice here in British Columbia. We also have a houseline called Lickwid which is a proprietary brand which you will not find any other competitor and only can be found at Vape Street locations. This house brand is one of our most inexpensive e-juice brands we offer our customers.

All the hardware that we purchase are supplied from major Canadian distributors with relationships directly with the hardware manufacturers. You will only find authorized hardware choices at all Vape Street locations with an emphasis on quality. 

Rest assured when you come into our Vape Store in Burnaby you will be taken care of from start to finish.

Our Vape Store Updates and Deals:

See in store for details.
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3730 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC V5G 1G4


(604) 430-8472


Everyday: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Vape Street – Burnaby BC
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sean Rogers
sean Rogers
20:51 31 Aug 21
I recently purchased a dry herbal vaporizer total cost $80, I was told any defects will replaced , after one week , the top which is plastic disintegrated burning my top lip, the next day went back and explained what happened, the guy working there agreed what had happened but said he needed to check with head office before exchanging it .. they basically insinuated that I was lying and said I must of dropped it , to add injury to insult they said they would replace the broken piece which would take a week and would charge me for the replacement part , I have never been treated like this before, I’m 52 years old and have never felt so belittled in my entire life , what an absolute joke .. if you are reading this think twice about purchasing anything from vape streetread more
Denise marier
Denise marier
20:38 14 Aug 21
Great staff great service
Denise marier
Denise marier
16:08 27 Jul 21
Great selection great sraff
Saturn Cronus
Saturn Cronus
02:14 09 Mar 21
Great experience 10/10 service. Very helpful staff. Wonderful selection. Matthew was very knowledgeable about the products and I will become a regular at Vape Street from more
Eric Lee
Eric Lee
02:27 03 Mar 21
Usually don’t make reviews but I had to because I called in to this location today to ask if they had my coils in stock and the guy working there was so helpful. He tried to find what other coil would fit in my vape and when he couldn’t he called me back and said he asked another store that had my coils in stock to set some to the side for me. Guy was super polite and more
Richard Atienza
Richard Atienza
19:44 01 Mar 21
I bought a Voopoo Argus pro there recently and Matthew was a great help. The store also looked super clean and organized since the last time I came. That kid is awesome at his job and walked me through everything I needed to know about the more
Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen
01:19 21 Feb 21
Went there to buy a Caliburn koko pod. The guy working there on Saturday just before evening instantly greeted me as I walked into the store. Was professional and made the transaction quick and simple. Definitely will be coming back to this location since it’s close by to where I more
Lamar Dossa
Lamar Dossa
00:06 27 Jan 21
I recently bought a caliburn g device and it works great. Kevin answered all my questions and was very knowledgeable about the devicesread more
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