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Health Canada’s Proposed Ban on Flavours

It’s not an exaggeration to say Health Canada’s proposed ban on flavours in nicotine vaping products will push hundreds of thousands of Canadians back to smoking. The industry of flavours in Canada is under Attack and your time as a consumer is right now to act. On June 19th Health Canada came out with proposed regulations in the Canadian Gazette to ban all flavoured vaping products limiting to only tobacco and mint flavours.

Your time to act as a consumer is right now and throughout the next 29 days. Sep 1st would be the last day to get in your submission to tell the government why banning flavours would personally affect you and to what degree.

Saveflavours has a great email template to create your submission form and will allow you to email the government and your MP directly from that website.

Here are some other resources you may look into at the same time to generate your email if you wish to go for a more custom email submission:

The Canadian Vape Association
Vape World
Vita of Canada