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Allo Vape: Leading the Disposable Market

It’s 2021 and if go into any vape store Canada wide you are likely to see a plethora of disposables available. These include Allo, Envi, Ghost, Puff bars, so on and so forth.

If you were to measure any trends regarding the vape industry in Canada, you do not have to look farther than the United States. We share many of the same suppliers and our two countries are linked very closely. The one thing I do notice is that we tend to lag behind the USA regarding these trends sometimes though.

It was 2019 when we started seeing YouTube reviewers based here in Canada reviewing on what’s known to be one of the best-selling disposables in North America, the “puff bar”. These puff bars were riding off the back of the success of Juul, not only because at that time Juul started having more legal problems, but the puff bars were effective, were of similar style, tasted fantastic, and 20+ flavours to choose from.

The Puff Bar was, in my opinion, the device that essentially started the disposable market. The reason why these small devices can give instant satisfaction lies in the nicotine they use. Salt nicotine started appearing in the Canadian market only a few short years ago. Up until Salt nicotine vaping typically used freebase nicotine which usually required bigger devices with bigger batteries. Salt nicotine changed that because of the molecular structure of this nicotine type. Salt nicotine absorbs much quicker into your blood and because it is a smoother nicotine you can vape it at much lower wattages and much higher MG levels.

Where did Salt Nicotine come from you ask? Great question, and for the answer we have to look back at Juul who was the company that created Salt nicotine. It was the Salt nicotine and its nicotine satisfaction that accelerated their success. To be honest, their flavours were not overly good but it was the effectiveness of the salt nicotine people loved. People who were smoking 2 packs a day and not having success with freebase nicotine finally felt satisfied with salt nicotine.

Allo, which was one of the very first Canadian disposables brands launched onto the Canadian market in May of 2020. Because of the sheer power of distribution at the time, allo was able to be placed into 500 stores Canada wide within a week. After the initial week, it was an instant success.

Part of its success was because of the fact they came out with so many flavours right off the bat but then also because it was everywhere relatively quickly. The brand itself became popular and people were requesting it at stores that had not even stocked it yet. The one thing that the Puff Bar and Allo had in common was the flavours were amazing.

Fast forward to the start of 2021 and allo still dominates sales Canada wide. They have continued to expand flavour options in the original allo brand but then also come out with allo XL which has a higher capacity of liquid. They have come out with additional versions specifically for the BC market where the ML cap is currently set at 2ml max.

The timing of the launch of Allo was perfectly aligned alongside the success of the Puff Bar in the USA and the demand it created here in Canada. The Canadian government labelling restrictions coincided with this same timeframe meaning that puff bars and other USA manufactures were not allowed to sell into Canada unless they had the labelling standards Canada had adopted. This created a lower supply of available disposables which only increased the demand of the Allo here in Canada because they were already Canadian compliant.

Going forward as the author of this article I cannot tell you if Allo will continue to dominate the market as It has for the previous 12 months but I would think the guys at Allo have a few additional cards up their sleeve.

If you are a fan of the ALLO I highly suggest you look at the ENVI disposables as they are basically manufactured by the same company.