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Your Local Vape Shop

Depending on where you live, you might have a local pub that you visit often, a local grocery store from which you regularly buy your food, and maybe even a local gas station where you tend to find yourself at more than others. The question I have for you is: “Do you have a local vape shop?”

Having been a vape store consumer since back in 2014, I remember visiting my first vape store. It was in downtown Vancouver and was no more than a hole in the wall. They sold proprietary liquid, which they made themselves, and they had at best 2 or 3 different hardware options. Keep in mind that back in 2014 to 2015, there was not much to choose from, especially when compared with today’s standards when it comes to options. Aside from that single store, I did not know of too many other alternatives in all of BC, as vaping was relatively new at that point. Fast forward to 2021, and the store options are endless, and even in small cities, such as Mission and Chilliwack, you can easily find 6 stores or more within a 10 km radius.

Vapestreet started out as a single independent store back in Port Coquitlam in 2015. It was certainly a local vape shop for many of the consumers that came to visit in its first year. Within the first year, we started expanding our organization, and our second store was established, quickly followed by the third, fourth, and fifth stores. Over the last 5 years, we have grown to 26 locations throughout British Columbia, but we remain true of our roots of being a local vape shop, except for the fact that we now have 26 stores.

The challenges of growing an organization this quickly within a brief 5-year period is keeping all the stores consistent. I believe one of the best qualities a local vape shop can have comes down to two main parts of one whole: customer service and customer experience.

As both the writer of this article and an employee of Vapestreet, my belief is that we should never forget our roots and stay true to what our local vape shop successful to begin with. Our stores become popular because one main thing: We became a destination store because of the vast selection that we offer to our customers. We have always been known for having every color combination, every device, a vast amount of juice selections, and good stocking of all these items.

When any business grows, especially one with 26 locations in a 5-year period, anyone is bound to run into growing pains. We have certainly had our fair share of those growing pains, but learning from them and appropriately reacting to them improved our locations and enabled wach store to handle the changes our industry continues to go through.

Our goal of being your favorite local vape shop revolves around a few points:

Customer Service

We strive to give the best customer service in all of our locations. In 2021, we have plans for a training program for all of our sales associates. We have a full-time trainer who will be going around all our locations to provide training on customer service, product knowledge, troubleshooting issues, and so on. We believe all of our employees can continue to learn and grow, with the ultimate goal of achieving higher customer service standards.

Product Availability

Going to your local vape store and repeatedly hearing that they are out of your favorite E-juice flavor in your preferred mg strength is tiring. It may lead you to purchase another brand or even eventually go to competitor store. We understand that, and it hurts our heart. This is the reason why, in 2021, we are implementing full inventory management. Every item will be accounted for, thus ensuring that as long as it’s within our control, your favorite liquid will be in stock.

A Location Near You

If your favorite vape store is a long distance away from your regular commute, this would likely lead you to purchase from a store closer to you. Every year, we keep expanding our locations and even have multiple locations in the same city. This ensures that all of our locations are within a reasonable distance from you, wherever you may be located.


We realize that vaping hardware does not last forever, and the typical lifespan of a vape device is about 6 months. We want to ensure that your first few weeks are problem-free, so rest assured that you have a warranty on your devices during the first few weeks to guarantee that nothing would go wrong, and in the rare case a problem occurs, you are covered. If you happen to have an issue, just visit a store and bring the box so we could troubleshoot for you.

Big Selection

In some of our locations, we have close to 1000 flavors to choose from. We make sure that you will never get bored. We constantly bring in new brands so you will never tire of the selection.

Competitive Pricing/Sales

We are always having a sale, no matter what day of the week it is. We do not need a certain day to have a sale, all of which happen and change on a weekly basis.

Loyalty Points

Let us reward your loyalty by giving you points on each purchase. Save those points up, and we will give you discounts on your future purchases.

If you currently use any of our locations as your local vape shop, then we thank you! If this is your first time to consider us, then we will be happy to welcome you to any of our stores. We hope you give us an opportunity to earn your business. We aim to exceed your expectations!