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Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to Vape Street Port Coquitlam. We are your local vape shops in Port Coquitlam and have been since 2015. This location was the very first Vape Street location in British Columbia. Since 2015 and starting with this first location, we have multiplied over the last six years. We now have 26 (as of 2021) in British Columbia spanning from multiple locations in the Victoria area to another two stores in Kelowna. We are the largest vape store chain in Western Canada.

You will find this Vape Street vape store located at 2540 Mary Hill Road, V3C3B2, Port Coquitlam. We are in the same strip mall complex as 7-11 convenience store, Megabite Pizza and Donair Affair. We are at the intersection of Mary Hill Rd and Wilson Ave and across Port Coquitlam Community Centre.

We are here to help you during your vape journey, whatever point you are at. We get customers daily who are walking into our vape store in Port Coquitlam BC for the very first time and wanting to transition from their 20-year smoking habit to vaping as a form of tobacco harm reduction. For those customers specifically, we take the time to educate you on different vape device choices and ensure you are put into a device that will give you the best chance to kick the habit finally.

If this is your vape store or choice in Coquitlam, we thank you! We will mention that we do have an addition, Port Coquitlam vape store, also for your convenience located at the intersection of Lougheed Hwy and Westwood street.

Our Mary Hill Vape Street location has everything you need regardless of whether you’re brand new to vaping or have been vaping for 8+ years. Over the years, consumers’ buying habits have changed, but our relationships with major manufacturers and distributors ensure we have the newest products always arriving.

Alongside our vaping products we started branching out and offering cannabis related products and accessories to become more of a one stop vape shop in Port Coquitlam for our consumers. You will now find bongs, dry herb vaporizers, rolling papers, dab rigs, dab accessories, concentrate devices and vaporizers, glass jars, rolling machines, pipes and more.

You will be amazed at our selection of cannabis products and even happier with the prices of these items.
Vape Street has always been known for carrying a vast selection and variety of flavours for refillable e-juice containers. We have partnerships with dozens of e-juice manufacturers Canada-wide to ensure you will never get bored. At our vape shop in Port Coquitlam BC, we carry the top brands from companies such as Berry Drop, Flavour Beast, Lemon Drop, Naked 100, Crave, Fruitbae, Allo, Twelve monkeys, Koil Killaz, Gcore and more.

Buying habits of consumers in British Columbia have changed immensely in the last 12 months. You’ll find delight in discovering our wide selection of the most sought-after disposbles and closed pod systems, featuring well known brands like Stlth, Allo, Vuse, Gcore, Fog Formula, Elf Bar, Vice mini, Flavour Beast, Maskking, Vapirit and many others.

Wherever you are located, if you make Vape Street Port Coquitlam your home vape store, we thank you very much and look forward to serving you.

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