Why Do People Vape

If you’ve turned on the TV, or looked online at any Canadian news site lately, it’s likely you’ve seen a story about e cigarettes. For those who aren’t familiar with how electronic cigarettes work, a common question is, “Why do people vape?” People vape for a number of reasons, but the most important is that many vapers choose e cigarettes as a smoking alternative. We’ll look at a few reasons why people vape, and explore the reasons in-depth. Pay attention, smokers; there will be some handy information for you if you’re considering a switch to e cigs.

Vaping as a Smoking Alternative 

Most people who us e cigarettes got their start when they were looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Over time, many of these people chose to vape full time. One appeal of vaping as a smoking alternative is that the form and function of an e cigarette are so similar to smoking.

* Look similar to a cigarette or cigar

* Give you a similar throat and chest hit as cigarettes

* Contain nicotine in various levels so you can go up or down depending on your need

* Easy to use

* Minimal maintenance

* Convenient while driving or typing

* Lots of different flavours to choose from. Check out our flavour catalogue here.  Although you may think that you would like a tobacco flavour to mimic a cigarette, you may find that you like the taste of fruits or even a sweet dessert.

More Advanced Vaping

After they’ve used cigalikes and vapor cigarettes for awhile, many vapers lower their nicotine level and some start using vape mods. Vape mods, otherwise known as box mods, are battery-powered devices that have adjustable features and are more complicated than their vapor cigarette counterparts. Still, there are a number of reasons people vape with mods. Here are a few:

* Many customizable options including tanks so all you have to do is change out your cotton and you’re ready to go and check out another flavour in less than 2 minutes flat. You can find our cotton and accessories here.

* Ability to rebuild coils on some tanks

* Larger vape clouds

* Collectible

* Big social scene

Vaping in Canada is becoming a large industry and Federal regulations are being drafted to ensure the safety of Canadians while they pursue harm reduction strategies such as vaping.