The Wolf At The Door

The Wolf At The Door – Big Tobacco And Canada

Canadian Federal e cigarette regulations are coming soon.  Big Tobacco has been patiently waiting and they are pleased.

Imperial Tobacco is planning on using the upcoming regulations to open the door to Canadian Consumers. At least, that’s what they recently told the fifth estate.

Up until now, big pharma has pretty much ruled the Canadian sandbox.  Regulations are coming and as such, tobacco will be able to play as well.

Imperial tobacco is ‘hoping’ to show Canadians what they’ve got, e cigarette wise. They now want a piece of the pie here. The company has lost money by those who have quit smoking and they want their money back. Big tobacco wants to offer consumers alternatives to their products that kill us.  Imagine the irony in that?

When the fifth estate’s Mark Kelley questioned why Imperial Tobacco would want to sell a product that would compete with cigarettes, the primary source of its profits, Gagnon said: “It’s the same reason why Coke has Diet Coke and they have water.

“So that means with that thinking, there’s no way that Coke could sell water … there’s no way McDonald’s could sell a salad. Why aren’t we allowed to sell a less harmful product?”, the Imperial Tobacco representative stated.

It’s incredulous that a company selling products that kill people would be allowed to offer an alternative to Canadian consumers.

Where does the logic lie in allowing this to happen? We’re going to regulate a product as a tobacco product that kills people when, e cigarettes do not.  The very fact of doing so, will allow the wolf through the door and we all should be leary of this.

Vape Street is committed for fair regulations for consumers and the protection of all vapers within Canada.