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We want to welcome you to our Vape Street vape store located in Pitt Meadows. Our address is 12147 Harris Rd, Pitt Meadows, and we are in The Pitt Meadows Centre strip mall. You will find our business located near the 7-11 and meadow sushi. We have ample parking in our complex, so parking will not be an issue for any customers who want to zip in, pick up their goods, and zip out.

This location was one of our original vape stores in Pitt Meadows BC that opened at the time of writing this description. We now have 26 locations which span from Kelowna to Vancouver Island. We wanted to ensure a Vape Street vape store wherever you might be in the lower mainland and beyond.

The landscape of the industry over the years has changed immensely. Years ago, the most popular items customers would be buying would be box mods, tanks, batteries, coil building kits, kanthal wire, battery chargers, and more. Today many customers are coming in for items such as the following:

  • Disposable vape devices from major manufactures such as Allo, Envi, Ghost XL, Dinner Lady, and Nasty
  • Closed pod vape devices from major manufactures such as Allo Sync, Stlth, Vuse, and Moti
  • Pod Mod devices such as the Uwell Caliburn, Smok RPM40, and the Uwell whirl
  • Ejuice refillable bottles such as 12monkeys, Chill, Lemon Drop, Berry Drop and our house brand Lickwid

In the last 12 months, we have started expanding our products offerings outside of only vape hardware and vape liquid. Walking into our Pitt Meadows vape store you will see we have a large and growing collection of cannabis related products. We have such products as:

  • Bongs From Various Manufactures
  • Dab Ribs
  • Rolling Papers
  • Cannabis Vaporizers
  • Dry Herb Vaporizers
  • Glass Jars
  • Rolling Machines
  • Concentrate vaporizers

We realized that our customer base was coming in for all their vape needs, but we quickly realized that a good percentage of them too had to make additional trips to get their cannabis-related products elsewhere. This means we are more of a one stop vape shop in Pitt Meadows BC for these customers and they get to take advantage of our rewards loyalty points system.

Our staff at this location are very knowledgeable regarding the vape industry. We always look forward to when someone walks into our business for the first time to quit smoking and take up vaping as a form of tobacco harm reduction. There are undoubtedly many questions to ask, and for that reason, our staff are constantly increasing their knowledge of vaping. We will help you get set up with a suitable device and help you pick out the best e-juice.

Just because we excel in helping new customers get set up with a vape system for the first time does not mean our product offerings stop there, though. We are a full service vape shop in Pitt Meadows BC and can meet your needs regardless of whether it’s your first time walking into our store or you are a seasoned vaper with 7+ years of experience.

We look forward to seeing you at our Vape Street Pitt Meadows Location for all your vaping needs.

Our Vape Store Updates and Deals:

See in store for details.
Contact Us

Our Vape Store Pitt Meadows ADDRESS

12147 Harris Rd, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2E9


 (604) 465-6505


Everyday: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Vape Street - Pitt Meadows BC
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Tamerin Elliott
Tamerin Elliott
20:35 30 Mar 22
Zipped over here on my half hour lunch break. Arrived at 1:10 or so, sign saying back in 5. I waited in the car no one came. Saw multiple people try to go in. Not impressed and never was able to even go in! Will never use this location. Might be okay but no way to tall. I gave up about twenty more
Leah Beth
Leah Beth
18:47 24 Mar 22
Horrible PR .. people that work there are really off! Never going there again. I could give details but not worth the energyread more
Kirsten Melhus
Kirsten Melhus
20:05 07 Feb 22
I came in 5 minutes before closing last night and the guy was so rude and short with me. Very condescending as well. He had his backpack on ready to close up before the actual closing time. Very unprofessional and unacceptable customer service. He was more concerned with rushing me out of the store rather than helping me get a new vape and pods for another more
00:10 15 Jan 22
Super poor and confusing experience at this location. Purchased a disposable vape and realized it was no longer working when I took it out of the package went to return but the store was closed. Brought the receipt and vape back the next day but was informed I could not get a refund because they were unsure if it was broken. Then they decided they would refund me then they decided they wouldn’t? Was extremely unprofessional and bad service. Tyler C was the employee that helped me as well as the girl with red hair. Train your employees more
Matt Wannop
Matt Wannop
04:07 18 Dec 21
What can I say. They don’t trust there customers. I purchased 6 stealth pod packs and 2 where empty. When I called and got to speak to a manager the response was, how do we know you didn’t just take then out. Well of course I could but you run a business and I purchase 200$+ per month from your chain so you do the math… My recommendation for them is in future have some trust in your valued customers or they won’t stay more
dylan calder
dylan calder
14:01 08 Dec 21
I have been comming to this specific location for somewhere around 4-5 years.To say the staff in this building is kind is beyond an understatement. Being able to walk in, happily recognize the worker, and spark a conversation while picking up my product is exactly what I want more of in other stores.I have only ever had excellent expirences at this location and a large majority of that has to do with the more
breck henderson
breck henderson
02:15 24 Oct 21
Bought a fog vortex atomizer for 100.00 dollars on the 8th of October on the 23rd of October the button seemed to not work so I brought it to the pitt meadows store the lady asked for the receipt I went outside grabbed glasses from car pulled up proof of purchase on internet banking when I go back in the store the lady was on phone talking to someone about repairing while I was gone she pushed the button into the body giving no chance for repair she said there was nothing she could do send a email Vape Street what can you do it’s 14 days oldread more
Tektite -
Tektite –
15:42 21 Oct 21
Bought 6 disposable vapes from this place, as I was familiar with the product and bought from several other locations around BC and had no issues.For some reason, the ones I purchased HERE did NOT taste the same as the ones I’ve bought elsewhere. I wanted to return the UNOPENED cartridges as I didn’t want to waste money if all were like that. I was dismissed, tried calling to speak with head office or someone that could help me and ASHLEY told me someone would call me back. Never received a call back, I was dismissed and felt unheard and obviously lied to. ***PLEASE NOTE: I wanted a refund of the UNOPENED items as I didn’t want to risk ALL being defective. I literally came back into the store 20 minutes after I purchased them!***I wasted $50 here. If I had known your product wasn’t going to be the same as EVERY other vape shop I’ve purchased from, I NEVER would have come here!! I have purchased the same products from other shops in the meantime and never had this issue.What a joke. I’ll never return, and I’ll be sure to spread the word to anyone I speak with.Thanks but no more
Mark Mm
Mark Mm
03:51 16 Sep 21
Very very rude saleswoman, un-professional, should not be in sales.
Soren Corcoran
Soren Corcoran
04:07 22 Aug 21
This location of vape street used to be by far the best location but recently it seems like the vibe of the establishment has gone bad.. I feel judged when I don’t know some of the correct terms or more
Chantal Clayton
Chantal Clayton
03:09 27 Jul 21
Super kind and helpful!
Chris Fisher
Chris Fisher
20:15 27 Jun 21
Great staff horrible at keeping the store stocked. Always having to go to Maple ridge because they don’t have it…
stevin verhoef
stevin verhoef
07:21 28 Feb 21
Great selection awesome service
Ron Hunter
Ron Hunter
01:05 19 Feb 21
I just started vaping in sept 2020, I have found that out of all the vape stores I’ve been too this one has given me the most info then any other store I’ve been too. I highly recommend this store as they have been very helpful with all my vaping more
Melissa lilipoul Hill
Melissa lilipoul Hill
20:37 12 Dec 20
Just wanted to say ever since tareq took over the pitt store things have changed for the better…he is super knowledgeable…courteous and professional…any issues are taken care of on the spot…the right guy to run this store…Tylerread more
Ex Nihilo Konkin
Ex Nihilo Konkin
21:34 26 Aug 20
Friendly and knowledgeable staff, good quality products. Came in with a charging issue with both of my devices, turned out it was a matter of the charging block I was using. Special thanks to Brandon!read more
Clayton Whitelaw
Clayton Whitelaw
05:28 30 Jul 20
I’ve been here multiple times, mainly to buy coils, and every time the same guy there has sold me the wrong coils.The first time, I brought them back and he showed me “how they went in,” only for that to end up stripping the threading on my tank, requiring me to buy a new tank. And for that new tank, he simply sold me the wrong coils; saying that the Falcon 1 coils he sold me fit the Falcon 2 tank I have – which they simply dont.I would highly recommend taking the extra 5-10 minute drive to PoCo or Maple Ridge and go to one of the other locations there, as the drive will be well worth not getting the wrong more
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