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Thanks for visiting us, and welcome to Vape Street Langley. We are located at 4061 200 Street in the Parlour Plaza in Brookswood. We are a super convenient location situated just down the street from Brookswood park, and our vape store is at the intersection of 200 St and 41 Ave.

You will see our store located directly beside the McDonalds and Brookswood Remedy Pharmacy. For ease of discovering us, other businesses located in our plaza would also be the Super Save Gas Station, Subway, and Dominos Pizza.
If you are coming from downtown Langley, you would go South on 200street, turn right on 41 Avenue, and turn into the Parlour plaza on the left-hand side. If you are coming from Cloverdale, the most straightforward route is to take 56 Avenue east and then turn right onto 200 street and follow 200 Street until you hit 41 Avenue and turn right. It’s about 10 minutes drive from Cloverdale.

This location Is a full-service vape shop. We offer all the hardware and e-juice choices you would expect from a full-service vape shop in Langley City Brookswood BC. We constantly bring in the newest hardware offerings and the newest e-juice options from the dozens of manufacturers and distributors we source through. If you have been to a Vape Street location in the past, you will know we are well known for our vast selection of e-juice offerings and range of hardware availability.
In the last year, disposables and closed pod systems have become top sellers in the industry.

The ease of use and variety of flavour options have surged the sale of these types of devices, and you can rest assured we are fully stocked on all the various options of these types of offerings. We carry all the top disposables vape pens such as Allo and Allo Sync, Stlth, Vuse, Envi, Moti, Dinner Lady, and Nasty Ejuice, to name a few. If you are not into disposables and more into pod mods such as the Uwell Caliburn or Smok RPM40, then we have a vast selection of freebase and salt nicotine e-juices.

At our vape shop in Langley City Brookswood BC, we always enjoy our conversation with customers who have walked into our store for the first time or have been back one hundred times. Having the ability to help someone kick a smoking habit after 20 years is a great feeling. Tobacco harm reduction was essentially the first reason we started our business. To this date, our organization has helped tens of thousands of people finally be able to kick the habit and transition to a product that allows them to quit smoking for good.

If you have been vaping for the last seven years, we welcome you to our store in Langley City Brookswood and hope that our expansive products options will suit your needs. If you are walking into our store for the first time, then rest assured you will get set up with the best options for you specifically. We very much look forward to meeting you at Vape Street Langley.

Our Vape Store Updates and Deals:

See in store for details.
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Our Vape Store Langley City Brookswood ADDRESS

4061 200 St #103, Langley City, BC V3A 1K8


(604) 427-3228


Everyday: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Vape Street Langley City Brookswood BC
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02:41 21 Apr 22
Turned my day around.
Jason Demillo
Jason Demillo
18:48 25 Oct 21
Great prices, decent selection compared to other shops and staff is quite nice/helpful! Beats any other shop in Langley imo!read more
19:09 14 Oct 21
If you support this shop you support greed, period. Not only are their prices higher than everyone else, They won’t even match pricing of their own Vape Street shops across town, nor offer the same deals like no multi-juice discount etc. because the manager Dylan claims ‘I don’t care, I’m doing fine here anyway’ ‘we’re a franchise, we can do what we want’ wow great customer service Dylan 👍So the shop basically cares more about lining their pockets & hosing you the customer because of customer naïveté. These high reviews are either from new people who don’t know, or his buddies.Support shops that treat you like a friend, not an atm. E Cig Canada & All Day Vapes are far better shops imo, or any other Vape street more
Owen Whittaker
Owen Whittaker
16:06 30 Jun 21
Refused to serve me. Closed and locked the front door 7 minutes early on a Saturday. I was a customer since it first opened, but marginal customer service, inconsistent supply and the closing early made it an easy choice to take my business to Vaping more
Dominic Faria
Dominic Faria
05:11 25 May 21
Great costumer service, always well stocked, very knowledgeable staff, great prices and sales and an awesome point more
Kristopher Price
Kristopher Price
00:18 16 May 21
Friendly staff, good selection.
Mathew Anderson
Mathew Anderson
04:26 14 Mar 21
Great service nice staff good nic juice! Nice ĺay out as well great job vape street
19:30 14 Nov 20
good juice, super helpful dude at the counter
Nicole Beaverstock
Nicole Beaverstock
01:07 16 Jul 20
Needed a new vape since juul is down to 3 flavors. The guy at the store was super helpful! He was able to show me some models based on what I wanted out of my vape as well as help me find some flavors. Very nice and super knowledgeable guy. Also he helped me to learn how to fill it etc. Extremely pleased with my experience and purchase. (Purchased caliburn vape with “That’s sweet” pineapple mango and “lickwid” playa juices)read more
08:02 18 Feb 20
Great location, easy parking and clean nicely laid out store. Well priced and good selection. Owner is friendly and honest. Asked for some recommendations and was not let more
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